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Monday, 6 December 2010

A Holiday Weekend

This weekend was great, it actually felt like our Christmas holidays had started.  It was alovely mixture of seeing friends, festive preparations and relaxing on the sofa knitting and watching films.  Perfect.

I did manage to keep up with JYC too...impressive!

Friday, 3 December 2010

It's been an emotional day

The call came at midnight, we put on layers of clothing, packed a bag and defrosted the car.  Within 5 minutes we were ready to do whatever was needed but there was very little we could do.  I've never felt so helpless standing in that kitchen and waiting

After waiting for so many long months for you to arrive it seemed to all be going so quickly.   You were almost born under the Christmas tree, and what a perfect present you are.

Welcome to the world little one x x x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

Quick post today just to share my layout for today's Journal Your Christmas as I should have been in bed an hour ago but got carried away playing with photoshop!  Ooops!  x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Keep jolly and share the magic

Its the first day of advent!  Yay!  Things haven't gone to plan (as per usual).  I was supposed to have my decorations up today, I was supposed to have finished steaming my Christmas puddings and I was supposed to have got my advent village out of the loft and set up...oh well. 

Life happens doesn't it and when your friend is 40 weeks pregnant (and very fed up), your fridge freezer breaks down and you have work that has to be done you've just got to get on and cope the best you can.  I've learnt from last year's failed attempt at JYC that no Christmas is going to be perfect but the main thing is to enjoy it the best you can. 

So - with that in mind I have a little gift to share with you, its a Spotify playlist of Christmas songs for you to enjoy while you are cleaning, working, doing the laundry, wrapping presents, playing games, sipping mulled wine, decorating your house, trimming your tree, relaxing on the sofa gazing out of the window at the snow...

If you don't have Spotify you can download it here for free and then you can enjoy all these lovely Christmassy songs for free!  Enjoy :-) x

Monday, 29 November 2010

Manic Monday

I've been trying really hard to get myself organised for Christmas as I am determined to enjoy my December this year.  I set myself a difficult target of buying all my presents by the first of December and I have almost achieved it!  This pile of goodies was bought at the weekend and the rest will be delivered directly to my door - I love the internet!  I have to say that buying presents is the most stressful thing about Christmas for me.  I love giving presents but I hate the idea of someone not liking what I have got for them which is why in recent years I have done the boring thing and asked for wish lists - do you do this?  I know it takes the surprise out of it but so many times I have bought presents to not recieve a thank you or ever see the receipient using/wearing it.  I'd much rather spend my money on something I know that they will appreciate. 

I would love to hand make all my presents but from past experience I have realised that other people don't see things the way I do.  When I make something for another person there is so much love, heart and soul that goes into it that it is utterly heart wrenching when they don't appreciate it.  I once made a knitted blanket that took me nearly a fortnight of my holiday to make - solid hours of knitting, blocking and sewing together.  A whole fortnight of doing nothing else but thinking about the child it would be given to.  Making choices about the exact colours to use, which was the best wool, what pattern to use...  I have never seen it used.  Not once.  Ever.

This year I have decided that since I'm the one that *loves* Christmas so much then I'm going to be completely selfish and do things that make me happy and stress free (which I'm hoping will then have a knock on effect on everyone around me!)  I think that if I'm full of peace, joy and bouncing with utter sparkly excitement then the rest of the grumps around me are going to find themselves feeling a whole lot more festive and happy.  Its time to pass on the Christmas joy and it starts with me.  Bring it on!

So far I have made a wish list of all the goodies I would like for Christmas (including the above book) and ordered in enough wool to keep me going through the holidays, which should keep me smiling, out of trouble and warm through the winter :-)

I will also have time to make those hand made gifts that mean so much to me and make my Chrsitmas better, but without the pressure that they're the only presents I will be giving.

What are you doing to make this Christmas special for you?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stir up Sunday (a week late!)

I thought I was being so organised but apparently I'm a week late in getting my Christmas cake and puddings made!  Good grief, getting them done in November is early enough for me so I'm still really pleased with myself :-)

I *love* making Christmas cake.  I love cake, I love Christmas - its a match made in heaven.  I really wish you could stick your head in this bowl and smell the lovely festiveness of this mix.

Once its all wrapped and ready to bake you still get left with these leftover scrapings that you just have to try!

Oh my goodness, who did that to my kitchen?!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Quick hello

I'm popping my head into blog land today just to say 'Hi!' and reassure myself that I can achieve something whilst feeling completely brain dead and shattered! 

The long, stress free days of the half-term holidays where I could browse the internet, check out forums, pootle about and do what I wanted are well and truly over :-(  Not even two weeks back at school and already I feel exhausted and have very little time for blogging or crafting. 

So, I ask you - should I even try Journal Your Christmas this year?  I wanted to scrap it digitally, blog my LO and then maybe get a book printed at then end (still not sure how to do that, should look into it really...)  The thing is I get so excited at Christmas and want everything to be as festive and as jolly as possible but I also get dissapointed when I run out of time to journal any of it.  Last year I think I managed to blog three days and then I got ill, my to do list went into overload and next thing I knew it was May before I started posting again.  Are you doing it this year?  How do you keep on top of things at Christmas time?

Someone organise my life for me please? :-) x